In today's world, everyone is a photographer.  Everyone has a smartphone tucked in their pocket always available to take a selfie or to take a shot of their latest meal to post on Instagram or FB.

And while humble brags are fun, when was the last time you actually took time to have high resolution photos taken of you and your family or friends by an accomplished photographer who actually knows the difference between an f-stop and a truck stop?  

My rates are reasonable, I'm very low key, and I’m fun to work with.  I strive always to provide value to my clients because I want the session to be both fun and rewarding to you and me.    

I live in Marina del Rey, CA - barely a mile from the Venice Pier, and am available for couples portraiture sessions on location, as well as headshot and formal portrait sessions in my studio. 

Are you coming to the LA area on vacation?  Consider hiring me as your personal paparazzi.  I offer two and four hour session packages as well as all day sessions - generally on the weekends.  Hiring me relieves Dad or Mom from their camera duties and allows them to be part of the fun instead of documenting everyone else’s fun.

Lastly, are you a member of West Coast Spartans or Weeple's Army?  Are you an obstacle course fanatic (uh ... enthusiast)?  Check out my photos of recent Spartan and Tough Mudder races herehereherehere, and here.  Hiring me is a great way to document all of your muddy (and sometimes bloody) glory!



My rates are as follows:

Headshots:      One Look:  $100                    
                         Multiple Looks:  $250

Couples:  $300 (generally a 1-2 hour session)

Personal Paparazzi:    Two-Hour Session:  $500
                                    Four-Hour Session:  $750
                                    Eight-Hour Session:  $1,000 (Expenses (park entrance fees) as an example are not included.)

Obstacle Course Races:   

$500 (“Sprint” & “Super” length races)        $750 (“Beast” length races)

(Note:  the logistical challenges of shooting an obstacle course race team often means that it’s very difficult to get individual (or even group) shots of all team members on all obstacles.  You can increase your “hit rate” by adding a second photographer.  Additional rates will apply.)

Interested?  Let's talk!

I can be reached at via phone or text at (310) 993-3904 or via email at lesdishman@gmail.com.